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Hi I'm Clyde Batton...

an Independent Sales Associate with MCA(Motor Club of America). I've been marketing online since 2005. There are lots of places on the Web where you can read about me...but that's not important...what is important is what's happening NOW in this New Age of Marketin and what I can do to help you make money online today.

Before MCA I was living with my wife in a snug little bungalow in a Chicago neighborhood. I fell so far behind with all my bills trying to be successful with my network marketing that... on Dec.2nd 2008 we were evicted from our home.  On that, the worst day of my life, I lost my family, my home, a recording studio full of equipment and I even lost my best friend...my dog Sam.

I almost hate to admit how far down I had to go before I could start my "Monumental Climb To Success". So you see there is a reason for this picture of a "crazy guy with a ukulele" climbing a popular city fountain here in Pittsburgh PA. As you get to know me and trust what I say you will see that I am for real... the real deal. 

Losing everything I had was devastating and it took me a while to really sort out my life.  

When I found MCA I was really ready for a change and I started making it happen just like you see me doing here "Climbing to Success" on this monument.  Well... the police did pull me off of that big rock; but luckily I did it so fast that they figured it just wasn't worth the "paper-work" involved in sending me to jail for scaling a monument in downtown Pittsburgh ...LOL !!! It was so exciting... I will remember the thrill of that moment for a very long time.

Taking this action has become for me my own "picture of success"... I saw myself climbing that fountain one day in a vision... then I went downtown and I did it...it is unique and is completely my own.  This is how I see myself marketing online... excited...alive...breaking the rules...getting my feet wet...risking everything for what I believe in...I am not copying anybody else when I tell you what I am doing to succeed and what is working for me.

                  Are you like me? Will you do whatever it takes to make it to the top of your mountain? 

I am inviting you to join me in MCA and to start climbing with me today building your own Online Marketing Empire!!! Sure of course it takes hard work...but God just think about the fun we will have...just look up there at my picture again.  As you can see...the top is right there in plain sight ...within reach.  LET'S GO FOR IT!!!
When you partner with me I'm gonna provide everything you need to duplicate my proven system so you can start living the "good life" too. 

As you can see I have a story... my own thing.   Well believe it or not...you have a story too...the thing that makes you unique...the source of your Success. I'm gonna help you find your story...it will be your finding this story, that leads you to your success...to your own authenticity. That's when you "strike gold"... when you become truly successful! 

And when you strike your own "vein of authenticity...when you start "tellin' it like it is"...when you can really say what's true for you ... everybody will know that you too are "the real deal" and not only will they listen to you, they will buy your products and offers ...people will eagerly follow you. 

What we do with MCA is actually very easy. We simply post ads on social media that promote a service that  just about everybody needs... that just about everybody wants. And that's what we get paid for. 

Now you're probably saying to yourself ... "What's the catch Clyde, 'cause this sounds too good to be true?" That might work for you but I'm not "crazy like you are" and willing to do that kinda stuff !!!  That's okay... you don't have to. Just be yourself. That's where I can really help you.  

Well, this company doesn't spend advertising dollars on radio, TV and print ads. MCA pays their referral partners (that's you and me)...to spread the word about the amazing benefits they provide.

You can do this.  It's happening everyday for lots of folks... just take a look below. 

You can change your financial future with a little hard work but it's... it's up to YOU to change your life situation.

Here's how:
MCA Compensation Plan
Dental Discounts Work! Here's Proof!
Motor Club of America on NBC News
Direct Deposits After Just 3 Months With MCA...
I'm Now Able To Live The Life I CHOOSE Thanks To
Having An Automated Businesses Like This.

The Best Part Is There's...

-No Asking When I Can Take A Vacation
-No Bugging Friends And Family
-No Alarm Clocks
-No Schedule
-No Boss...

* Unlimited roadside assistance – 100 miles of Towing per day, Battery, Lockout, Tire, Fuel Deliver
* $500.00 for a rental car if you're in a car accident
* $500.00 arrest bond for small traffic violations
* $2,000.00 in attorney fee assistance
* Up to 65% off prescriptions, vision, dental, hotel, and rental cars
* Up to $500.00 in emergency room reimbursements as a result of any accident
* Up to $50,000.00 paid to you or a family member as a result of death or injury
You must be at least 18 years of age and be a United States or Canada resident. 
You will be paid $80 in commission per referral. We are simply being paid to grow the company. Keep in mind every Friday is Payday! Whoever you sell a membership to this week, you're paid on Friday morning next week by direct deposit and those people can earn money doing the same. 

We will teach you how to effectively advertise to people ALL OVER THE USA & CANADA and they will come to YOU for the information. You will not have to chase people around. It's as simple as posting on social media websites and people who are interested will contact you wanting to be a part of the company. 
Your job is to simply share the web site with as many people possible.
*Free Marketing Website
*Training Tips and Advice
*Step by Step Instructional Videos
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